Exercise & Workout Tips


Exercise & Workout Tips Replace your sneakers often. At least after every 250 – 500 miles of walking/running.Stair climbing is a low-impact alternative to running.Choose exercises that you enjoy doing. You’ll be more inclined to stick with a fitness regimen when it includes things you like to do.Change your fitness routine every 4-6 weeks to prevent a workout plateau.Strive to include total body workouts. These include: cardiovascular exercises, strength training (both upper and lower body), core training and stretching/flexibility.Measure your exercise intensity. There are several methods: heart rate, rating of perceived exertion, talk test.Whenever possible, take the stairs instead of an elevator.Stretching and flexibility are very important aspects of good physical fitness, so don’t overlook them. Ideally, you should stretch before each workout (both cardio and resistance exercises) and after each workout. If you can’t do both, then make the after stretching a priority.When stretching before a workout, it’s best to stretch after you’ve gotten warmed-up for about 5 minutes (your muscles will be looser).When working out on cardio equipment (e.g. elliptical trainers), don’t lean heavily on the handrails. This will reduce the amount of calories you burn. General Workout Tips Tone Up on the TreadmillSave time at the gym with this 10-minute cardio/sculpt session: Hop on a treadmill holding a three- to five-pound dumbbell in each hand, and set the speed to a brisk walk. Do a one-minute set each of shoulder presses, biceps curls, [...]

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Choosing the Right Fitness Equipment for Your Commercial Gym


Generally, gym owners face space restrictions due to non-equipment areas such as lobbies, offices, utility rooms, etc. Moreover, opting for unnecessary equipment adds up to space-related problems, which drives your customers away. So choosing the right fitness equipment plays a vital role in overall project profitability. Listed are essential fitness equipment that every commercial gym owner should have. Cardio Equipment Cardio equipment is used to facilitate aerobic activities to promote good health, weight loss, and relieve stress. The advancement of technology has led to state-of-the-art innovations, integrating add-ons on the fitness equipment. It consists of add-ons such as heart rate monitors and calorie counters. This feature encourages customers to step up their workout routines and have a tab on the same. Elliptical trainers Elliptical machines provide a circular up-and-down motion and offer excellent cardio exercises, having a direct effect on your legs, arms, abs, glutes, and back muscles. Most of the ellipticals have stride length adjustments, along with add-ons. They are less stressful to aging joints, provide a thorough aerobic workout, and help burn calories for weight loss. These benefits attract older individuals to the commercial gym. Stationary bicycle A stationary bicycle is a special-purpose exercise machine that requires no training for usage. It helps increase the overall fitness and is highly effective for weight-loss practices. It also improves cardiovascular health. All these aspects make a stationary bicycle essential for a commercial gym. Before you choose a [...]

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4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Weight Stack Machines


When you walk into your gym, you must have seen a bunch of weight stack machines. These exercise machines are the ones that employ a series of wheels, pulleys, and levers, to offer the resistance needed for a workout. These machines have a stack of weights and you can adjust how much to lift based on your fitness level.These machines offer some incredible benefitswhen compared to traditional free weights.Let’s have a look at why you should be making them a part of your fitness routine: 1. Target Specific Muscle GroupsOne of the defining characteristics of weight stack machines is that they allow you to target a specific muscle or muscle group. This is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on a specific area to tone or build muscle.These machines usually have stickers or signs with diagrams and explanations on which muscles the machine targets. Some weight stack machines are also versatile enough to target different muscle groups depending on your position while using it. 2. Easy to LearnUsing most of these machines is straightforward and most beginners can figure it out without much effort. Once you get used to it, it becomes effortless to work out on these machines. Free weights, on the other hand, are more complicated because of the different variations involved.Another reason why it is easy to master weight stack machines is the limited number of exercises one can perform on [...]

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3 Effective Breathing Techniques To Improve Strength Training


Did you know by harnessing the power of your breath and channeling it to physical, one can enhance their endurance and strength? This is more so in strength training. In fact, for people who are into strength training, learning the correct techniques to breathe must be a priority. By breathing right, you will have better stability, improved focus, and more strength while performing your exercises. Let us look at three breathing techniques you can implement to improve your strength training workouts. Technique 1 – Preparing Yourself Before a Workout Correct breathing can have a significant impact on your performance. Before you begin your workout, warm up your body with stretches and practice deep inhales and exhales. Deep breathing can boost activity in the parasympathetic nervous system. This calms your fight or flight response and soothes your demeanor. To ensure that you are breathing deeply, your abdomen should rise before your chest while inhaling. This way you know you are taking proper, deep breaths. Technique 2 – Breathing During Heavy Strength Training The thumb rule for strength training is to exhale as you lift or push weights. To make sure you have the right breathing technique, inhale deeply and start exhaling the moment you lift the weights. Exhale for as long as you can while performing your exercise. While lowering the weight, inhale through your nose. Avoid breathing through your mouth as it results [...]

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Are you one of those people who is put off by the idea of going to the gym? Does the prospect of achieving your fitness goals from the comfort and convenience of your home sound appealing to you? If yes, then you know that your decision of investing in a home gym was a sound one! But the fitness equipment you choose for your home gym can make a lot of difference when it comes to reaching your fitness goals. One such piece of equipment that we highly recommend is the indoor exercise bike. What is an Indoor Exercise Bike? There are different types of home indoor exercise bikes but what they all have in common is that they are stationary bikes that do not produce any forward motion. You work out on them by pedaling, like a normal bicycle. These are some of the different types of exercise bikes: Spin BikesA spin bike is upright and has only the front wheel along with a stationary base. You can adjust the intensity of your workout by increasing the tension on the front wheel. Some models offer an electronic panel to do so while others have a knob that can be used to adjust the intensity. Recumbent Bikes Recumbent bikes are shaped a little differently.They allow you to pedal with your legs in front of you instead of beneath you. It works different muscles from the spin bike and is [...]


User Guide For Buying The Fitness Equipment


A lot many people consider the fitness equipment to be a fashion statement, on the contrary a fitness equipment is much more than a piece to be decorated in your room and flaunting it to the rest of the world, rather a right piece helps you to accelerate the strong shield against the diseases and the other health hazards caused by our sedentary lifestyle. Undeniably the rise of diseases has given a boost to the number of options available for the home fitness equipment in the market. With a strong marketing pitch, often the customers are left bewildered, and instead of buying something needed, they end up buying something which advertisements sold off. Finding this situation relatable??? I know, most of you must be, because the strong foundation of the marketing pitch always suppressed the REAL-NEED, else you would have your home stuffed with fake or cheap fitness equipment. Hence, considering this need, a buyer’s guideline must be followed… No, I am not referring to the spoon-feeding to be done, rather the guideline to be given to the users, so they can pick the best fitness equipment in India, before letting their wallet to make the purchase. Where to get such guideline??? Well, I am here, to help you get rid of this issue, hence read this post ahead… Understand Your Health Needs At times it happens that some of us pick the equipment, [...]

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Excellent Health Benefits Of Exercise Bikes


Health and fitness are no more associated with the gym sessions, but there are various health equipment, which can transform your fitness regime more balanced and enjoyable. You would be surprised o know that cycling is the highly effective form of cardiovascular exercise and keep our health toned. You can pick the domestic racing exercise bike to help you save your health getting deteriorated and can perform the perfect set of exercise while watching your favorite show on television. Burning calories with the exercise bike are much easier and delightful as well, but apart from these two aspects, there are other factors as well, which complete the benefit cycle from this fitness equipment, and in this post, we have tried to cover these benefits, just read ahead… Efficacious Cardio Workout Health practitioners, suggest the cycling, as a great cardiovascular workout, since it doesn’t put a strain on any of your joints, due to this it is often used in sports rehabilitation as a way of rebuilding stamina and muscle strength without building compromising on other body parts. You can target: QuadricepsCalvesTibialis anteriorHamstringsGluteus maximusDorsi/plantar flexors of the feetA Great Workout Option For Home Sadly, we all are not blessed with a penthouse and have our own accommodation, fitting our needs, but heath cannot be ignored in any given situation, hence an exercise bike turns out to be a great addition for your home. As this [...]

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How To Get The Best Gym Equipment In Tight Budget


Expecting your health to be perfectly fit is a hard nut to crack in today’s tome, as there are multiple reasons behind its very existence, and one of the most preferred reasons I would like to mention herewith is the sedentary lifestyle we live. Sadly, we all are too much engrossed with our daily needs and these needs carry us to an extent that we end up behaving like a machine, and in this run of getting the monetary benefits, we miss out largely on our health system. The heath is the only factor, which can bring us much nearer to the bank of diseases and only help us get our health deteriorated to a larger extent. But something which worsens the situation is that even after learning the relevance of the maintaining ourselves healthy and fit, we don’t give enough time to our health as we LACK the time to hit the gym and keep ourselves healthy. Should we chuck our health regime completely??? Of course not skipping the health regime entirely is not an ideal option, because if you want to feel better, want more energy or even want to add years to your life…exercise is the best way. The regular exercise aids to prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, a number of types of cancer and arthritis. The [...]

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How to Lose Weight Doing Cardio? | 8 Tips Everyone Should Know About


Weight loss has always been related to the practice of cardiovascular exercises. And the truth is that a natural association with this type of exercise, you can burn more calories during the day and, therefore, force your body to consume saturated fat as an energy source. But not everything goes and, if you want to lose weight effectively with your cardio training, it is important that you consider a number of aspects. This is why we discover how to lose weight fast by doing cardio with tricks and tips that will help you make the most of your visits to the gym. 1) Why Is Cardio so Good for You? Before we talk about how much cardio you have to do, you should at least know what it is and why it is so good for you. To clarify a bit, cardiovascular exercise simply means that you are doing a rhythmic activity that increases your heart rate and takes it to the Heart Rate Target Zone, which is where you are going to burn fat and calories. ▸ The Benefits of Cardio It helps you burn fat and calories, to increase your weight loss.It makes your heart strong, so you don’t have to work so hard to pump the bloodIncrease the capacity of your lungsIt helps reduce the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetesIt makes you feel goodIt helps you [...]

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There are many ways of exercising to keep you fit. Besides aerobics, yoga and exercise, aerobic is also a fun way of keeping yourself fit. The biggest advantage of adopting aerobic exercises is that it is a fun way of exercise, which will not allow you to bore properly and will give you the benefits of health. Buy home gym equipment’s online in India at very affordable prices. Aerobics is not only beneficial to your physical well-being but also for your brain, it is a highly effective exercise that keeps both body and mind healthy. This exercise prevents damage to brain cells and helps in better oxygen supply so that you feel refreshed. Aerobics is extremely beneficial for mental problems and especially stress and depression. It is extremely helpful in reducing stress. There is no breakthrough in this exercise in terms of weight loss. This is a great way to lose weight in a short time. If the mood is bad, or if you get angry much, then doing aerobics is a great option for you. To reduce obesity is not just about everyone. To reduce the weight, all people do dieting and exercising, but leave them out due to lack of quick results. It is better to quit and exorcise that you do aerobics. It will also be your exercise, as well as entertainment. From which you would like to do it every day. The [...]

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