Lat Pull Rod
Adjustable Plug For Vertical Bench Press
Adjustable PVC Weight Plates
Steel Shaft Pulley
Breathable Back Cousion

Our Testimonial



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Our Testimonial

Bought tt Table , Carrom Board , Treadmill , Exercise Benches ,Elliptical Cross Trainer , Gave After Sale Treadmill Service Also , Reviewing After 8 Months of use .After Sales is Good, Product are of Very Fine Quality .Must Visit, Price is Very Competitive
Rahul, Chandigarh
“One of the best gyms in Mohali, with good atmosphere and motivating Trainers.”
Sharan, Kharar
Quite a few treadmills for enthusiasts who want to loose weight. Quite a few latest machines for weight resistance. The best part I personally liked, the gym is having good aura and space, not to mention staff.
Loveneet Singh, Mohali
Good staff and had good experience till now Only issue till now it the washroom the strength in gym is pretty much so there must be multiple washroom in case of emergency it’s been more then a month will be updating shortly once get anything extra.
Paramjeet S. , Panchkula


  • Perform Diverse Workouts – You can perform various types of exercises for every major muscle group with this home gym. It will give you a complete body workout using pulleys, weights, chin-ups, and many other exercises.
  • Build Muscle and Burn Fat – These home gym machines offer weighted resistance by using weight stacks and a pulley system. This makes them an ideal choice for people who are into muscle building.
  • Safe and Easy to Use – Lifeline multigyms have a very low injury rate. This is not only because the machines are easy to use, and require less coordination than free weight exercises.
  • No Need for Professional Help – The Lifeline Home Gym is self-explanatory and getting a hang of how the machine works, requires almost no effort. That is why they are one of the best fitness equipment in the market for your home.

Health is Precious, Recognize it and work on it today before it Depletes

Experience the Magic with Lifeline Home Gym Set HG 002!

  • Lifeline Fitness has always amazed the Indian audience with its spectacular fitness equipment that is synonymous with quality. Branching continuously to include a vast range of fitness gears and gym accessories, Lifeline has done its best to make people initiate in fitness by developing quality products that cater to the specific needs of the masses. But this home gym equipment by far exceeds all the barriers in quality and is their best product!
  • With its 2-inch square heavy-duty steel tube construction, this home gym machine aids in building endurance and ultimate strength. As the system is simple to use, durable and requires less space for installation, it is suitable for both personal and commercial use.
  • This all-in-one gym machine supports multiple exercise functions like chest extension, low pull, rowing, peck-deck, high pull, and leg extension, which is necessary for rigorous continuous work-outs.
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